Lindsay & Jason

I began looking for a photographer online. I researched local photographers and tried to find as many online reviews and as much information about each one that I could. I was specifically looking for how satisfied other clients were and pricing information, if it was available. Photography was one of the most important aspects of our wedding for me as I knew the photographs would be our everlasting memories for a lifetime. I also reached out to friends who had previously been married to see who their photographer was and how they felt about their experiences and photographs. After completing all my research, I narrowed by list of photographers down to three. I met with or had phone interviews with all three them. Then, I created a pros and cons list for each one. My finance and I discussed the pros and cons and ultimately decided on Noah. One of the main reasons we chose Noah to be our photographer is that I wanted to do one engagement session in each season since we were going to be engaged for a little over a year. Noah was excited about this idea from the beginning and even began throwing out ideas for each session. Other photographers weren’t really interested in the idea and really wanted to stick to one engagement session. Noah’s energy was contagious and we knew he would make our engagement session and wedding day a lot of fun. Noah was absolutely able to capture all the elements of our wedding day. From the intricate details and major moments we have it all! We truly did not feel that anything was missed because we didn’t have a second photographer on our wedding day. Noah set up a plan with us before the day of our wedding and we were extremely pleased with all the photographs that were taken. My favorite photograph from our wedding day is the one with all our wedding guests on the front steps of the church. I love the fact that we have a photo showcasing all the people who love us and came to support us as we began life’s journey together. I feel it will be a special keepsake for our children and grandchildren someday. If I had to describe our experience in three words, it would be: Everlasting, magnificent, and fun! We love Noah!

Nathalie & Shawn

Awesome photographer, wonderful personality to work with, my husband is currently deployed as we knew was going to happen of course before we got married and Noah's compassion with this was very heart warming, so he's not just a photographer he feels like family. Pictures are amazing and he goes above and beyond to get that unique perfect shot. Every time we met with Noah he gave us travel sized albums mainly for my Husband to take with him to Iraq. The personality Noah has makes taking pictures fun he's hilarious so it doesn't feel so uptight and serious, our engagement pictures and wedding pictures turned out beautiful, and actually the day after or wedding he drove all the way down to our family's house to give us a next day wedding album since he knew we were leaving, just another example of going above and beyond. We plan to get him to take pictures of us when my husband gets back. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Brittany & Adam

If there is one thing that I am certain about (other than picking my groom), it is that I made the best choice possible by selecting Noah as my photographer for our June wedding. We met in September during a bridal show, and met again soon after for his free mini-session. He greeted us warmly in his home showing us several images, and then took amazing pictures just around the neighborhood with us. Immediately we knew that he was perfect for us. He was directive in telling us things (chin up, nose to the left, lean right shoulder forward, etc.) which was EXACTLY what we needed. We booked him immediately and quickly learned how much of an asset he truly was. He had suggestions for everything I was unsure of and was always willing to help or accommodate any odd request of mine. For example, the package we purchased included one enlarged image from the bridal session to be displayed at the wedding. I debated on which picture to select for days, but I finally asked his opinion on deciding between two images. Noah had the perfect solution, as he always did. He offered to print BOTH images, even though our contract only required one. As the wedding day approached, I was only more thankful to have him around. Not only was he the photographer, but he helped to direct things and make suggestions that we loved (like having my dad shake my fiance's hand after he walks me down the aisle to the altar). He was the one to situate my bustle and put my veil on for pictures without messing up my hair. He came to our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner to take photos so that people could get comfortable seeing him around. The day of the wedding he was readily available, along with his wonderful fiance Julie who ran our photo booth. He got along with all of the bridal party so well, and I'm pretty sure my Mom just fell in love! We had a few issues with the owner of the venue being present when he shouldn't have been, and Noah quickly settled the situation and talked to the owner later on to make a remedy to the issue at hand. After our wedding reception ended, he came with my new husband and I to Hotel Roanoke where we were staying and shot several amazing images in the lobby, our room, and other areas of the hotel. We saw several brides there as we were taking the images; yet he was the only photographer present! You could see the other brides full of envy as we all knew we had the best photographer! Noah always had lightning speed in getting us photos too. The photo booth pictures and wedding pictures were posted to his website by the time we returned from our honeymoon a week after our wedding. Overall, Noah was amazing. I wouldn't change a single thing about our choice for having him as our wedding photographer and I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation!